This is our first meeting, which we offer for free to you and your family. This meeting gives your family a chance to meet with our staff to determine if our team and our services are a good fit for your situation. Our experienced staff will walk you through a line of questions designed to help us truly understand your loved one and your concerns so that we can determine exactly how we can help. Although we always want to help, if for some reason it is determined that our services are not a good fit for you, we will help refer you to another service that is more suited for your needs.

Our consultation is for the family of an addict or alcoholic, not for an addict or alcoholic. Our services are to help you deal with their addiction, not to treat their addiction. It’s important that you and your family get help first before we address your loved one’s addiction. If your life is confusing and chaotic, how can you be effective in helping someone else’s life?

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