Should I Get Addiction Treatment Locally or Away?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can become an all-encompassing disorder, finding ways to negatively impact your life at every corner. Seeking help with substance abuse or addiction is the biggest step towards regaining freedom and independence. The causes for addiction are varied and often times it isn’t just one specific force driving someone to turn to substance abuse. These variables make it important to seek professional and compassionate care when it comes to your addiction treatment.

Choosing Your Treatment Facility

Given how important the quality of addiction treatment is, it can feel overwhelming to find the right provider. Choosing a specialist for other medical reasons such as a dentist or dermatologist tends to be easier as there are concrete cause-and-effect relationships between symptoms and problem disorders.

Rehabilitation teams undergo training and schooling beyond the standard medical requirements. Adding knowledge to their arsenal that includes psychological and interpersonal skills means that a proper treatment facility can handle all aspects of addiction.

How Much Should I Worry About Location?

Access is one of the reasons those suffering from addiction never pursue treatment. Whether it’s due to financial burdens or physical location, there is always an option to get the help you need.

Going with a local treatment facility means you are able to return back to your normal life almost instantly after treatment wraps up. Understanding that your life is more than your addiction, East Point Recovery Center offers multiple types of outpatient programs designed to keep local clients from having to leave everything behind for treatment.

If you or a loved one finds that there are no treatment centers locally, then going to another location is the next best option. In some circumstances it can be a silver lining that the location is remote, specifically in scenarios where the environment a client is in only contributes to the problem. This would include those who hang out with other addiction sufferers, spend extensive time with their dealer or come from a home that has no concern for you or the problems you’re facing.

Pairing Treatment Plans with Location

Seeking treatment locally means you’re able to choose more flexible treatment plans that let you retain a majority of your schedule with some requiring as little as seven hours of appointments per week.

Intensive Outpatient Plan

Intensive Outpatient Treatment, also known as IOP, is ideal for those who struggle with addiction but have a supportive home life and are able to function well enough while seeking treatment. The session requirements can be done on an individual or group basis.

Outpatient Treatment

Less strenuous than its intensive counterpart, outpatient treatment is for those with heavy schedules and responsibilities that can’t be ignored during treatment. Ideal for anyone seeking help, this plan is also a great option for those noticing addictive behavior early on in their substance use.

Day Treatment

This step below full live-in sober homes is meant to be a stepping stone for those completing rehab. Having a buffer between rehab and going back to your normal life can help ease the transition and avoid the possibility of relapse. Those who have relapsed may find day treatment as a better option than full rehab again as they likely just need the extra help staying sober.

No matter the level of treatment needed, let our team of compassionate experts find the root cause of your addiction and partner with you to tackle it. Reach out today for a confidential consultation of our treatment plans.