Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment Services at East Point Recovery Services

The ability to understand an individual is essential when assisting persons with substance use disorder. Most root causes for substance dependence are topics society considers sensitive, such as family abuse, which can cause a lot of emotional turmoil. However, all the brave fighters who got help when transitioning to a life of sobriety can attest that a caring and professional touch is vital for recovery, and we can help.

At East Point Recovery Services, we have some of the best drug and alcohol services in Massachusetts. We also have a compassionate, experienced, and extensively trained team of professionals who will listen and understand your story without judgment, then work closely with you to develop an effective, individualized treatment plan to ensure you achieve lasting sobriety.

Drug Treatment and Alcohol Treatment Services at East Point Recovery Services

  1. Better Chances of Long-Term Recovery

Addiction treatment doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all solution. That is because every individual will have various contributing factors to their addiction. Knowing the addiction patterns and establishing suitable treatment options are vital to lasting recovery. Accomplishing these goals is a lot easier with professionals from the professionals at East Point Recovery Services in Massachusetts.

Our team is highly skilled, and our facilities are well-equipped to handle clients requiring different treatment approaches. Programs such as family counseling, intervention, and Intensive Outpatient provide relapse prevention therapy both individually and in groups, which significantly increases your chances of lasting sobriety.

  1. Offer the Support Needed During the Transition

Family support guided by an intervention professional is crucial to recovery. Research also indicates that support is vital for battling addiction, considering most people feel like nobody cares when times get rough. At East Point Recovery Services, every new patient soon turns into a member of the family‚ÄĒ our dedication to long-term recovery is unsurpassed.

  1. Help with Repairing Broken Relationships

Addiction strains most relationships with family members, friends, and colleagues. Whatever the damage, the best Massachusetts inpatient drug rehab and addiction treatment can help repair broken ties using the proper treatment and therapy sessions, such as individual case management and counseling. At East Point Recovery Services our cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy treatment programs also play a vital role in repairing relationships.

  1. Understanding and Coping with Your Triggers and Cravings

We understand how important it is to identify and help our clients avoid their triggers and cravings. Together with our patients, we create a plan to extinguish cravings and find the right coping mechanisms for triggers even before they encounter the episodes.

  1. Addressing the Root Cause of the Addiction

Research indicates that drug or alcohol addiction may be a byproduct of deeper psychological issues. Most people searching for ‚Äėdrug and alcohol rehab treatment centers near me‚Äô essentially need help dealing with the root cause of their dependency to ensure a successful recovery.

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As a leading rehab facility offering drug and alcohol treatment in Massachusetts, we are committed to ensuring you live a fulfilling life free from drugs and alcohol. We carry the right accreditations, solidifying our second to none care. Contact East Point Recovery Services at 800-270-2302 to speak with our addiction treatment specialist.