Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

More than 100 people die daily from a drug overdose, and the numbers are increasing by the day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that over the past fifteen years, fatalities from drug overdoses have doubled. At East Point Recovery Services, we’re one of the best options around the Boston area for those struggling with addiction. If you’re battling substance abuse and searching for the leading ā€˜drug and alcohol rehab treatment services, we are here for you. We’ll make sure you reach your goal of a productive, healthy, happy, and sober-free life by offering an array of evidence-backed treatment plans provided by our licensed, experienced, and highly knowledgeable professionals.

What Role Does Our Drug Treatment Play in The Bigger Recovery Picture

One of the factors that place us among the top rehab service providers in Massachusetts is our dedication to every patientā€™s individual story. Our team of experts uses a hands-on approach when introducing the different types of treatment service options, which aid in recovery. Knowing our patients, their families, and their stories is a primary objective at East Pointā€” that way, our clients get the comfort required to ease their recovery process.

A Less Intensive Option for People Handling Life Responsibilities

Our outpatient treatment program is perfect for guaranteeing long-term balance and sobriety in life. If you are a student or employee searching for the best ā€˜drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers near me,ā€™ look no further. Our outpatient treatment program is ideal for people who cannot leave their workplace or school but require our services. However, we require regular drug tests to monitor your journey while providing helpful pointers and therapy.

While we might not offer Massachusetts inpatient drug rehab and addiction treatment, our programs are well-equipped to battle any substance use disorder. Our team of experts is also well trained to handle each client individually and as a group. Some of the therapy sessions we offer, such as life skills and mindfulness, also go a long way in guaranteeing long-term sobriety and successful recovery.

The Right Programs for Long-term Recovery

As one of the top Massachusetts rehabs, we strive to ensure all our clients receive the right treatment for substance use disorder until long-term stability is guaranteed. We have support groups and conduct follow-up meetings as well as individual counseling, which are vital for a successful turnaround to a life of sobriety. These subsequent interventions to ensure our clients stay on course when overcoming substance use disorder make us one of the best Massachusetts detox and drug rehab centers.

Join Our Ever-Growing Family Today and Reap Life-Long Benefits

We are one of the leading Boston drug treatment centers in Boston, MA, due to our quality of care and effective treatment programs. If you are looking for a caring and professional support system to help battle substance dependency, reach out today. Contact East Point Recovery Service to speak confidentially with our addiction treatment specialist at 800-270-2302.