Is the New Year a Good Time for an Intervention?

As the madness of the holidays begins to subside and the coming year starts its course, it can be a breath of fresh air. The holidays can be extremely difficult for those suffering from substance abuse or addiction. Earlier in the year can be an ideal time for an intervention now that the dust has settled and everyone has more time available.

Interventions in the New Year

New Year’s is already about making steps towards a better life through resolutions and commitments. For some this means exercising and dieting to improve their health. Others will have more impactful goals that include overcoming drug or alcohol abuse.

Leveraging this atmosphere of positive change can make an intervention more successful. The goal in any intervention is to get your loved one to agree to stop using drugs or alcohol followed by seeking immediate treatment.

If you happen to be hosting your loved one you’re concerned about, take the opportunity to speak with them in private about their situation. Many people that suffer from addiction can find it difficult to discuss, especially in group settings such as holiday parties or family gatherings.

Make Sure the Proper Steps Are Taken

East Point Recovery Services has worked with countless families to help them plan and stage interventions for all severities of addiction. One of the most important steps that often gets overlooked is having an addiction treatment center standing by to receive your loved one.

A smooth transition minimizes the time the individual has to change their mind or attempt to avoid treatment. Before starting the intervention, be sure to provide as much information to the interventionist as possible.

Ways an Interventionist Helps Achieve Success

By interviewing close friends and family members, the interventionist is able to paint an accurate picture of the scenario and discover the best route forward. Depending on the severity of substance abuse or addiction, your interventionist may recommend certain family members be excluded to either limit stress or the number of participants.

Keeping the mood positive and emotions under control is crucial to a successful intervention. Interventionists are professionals when it comes to finding the proper pace for an intervention that feels natural to the entire room.

It’s important to remember that your help will also be needed. Preparing a script for the intervention will be your chance to talk about how your loved one’s substance use has impacted you and how concerned you are. Typically, those who have a stronger relationship or bond will go last to help drive home everyone’s thoughts.

Finding a Professional Interventionist

East Point Recovery Services offers professional intervention services that cover the entire process from start to finish. The goal is to make sure no intervention ends in failure through compassionate care and years of experience.

Our confidential consultations can answer any questions you may have about interventions and the treatment process. Addiction education is the biggest tool available to fighting the ever-growing battle against addiction.

As 2022 draws near, it’s time to look forward and figure out how we’ll make the most out of the next year. If this includes an intervention for someone you know, we encourage you to¬†contact our team¬†as soon as possible.